A new day is dawning for Aquila Way

We're changing our name.

Our journey continues...

On April 1st 2014, Aquila Way joined the Oasis family, becoming Oasis Aquila Housing.

Our name may have changed, but our mission remains the same: to support vulnerable people on their journey from emergency to independence. We make it our business to provide a home, a place to belong and network of support to those we serve, helping them fulfil their God–given potential. What our partnership with Oasis does is open the door for greater reach across the country, providing an opportunity for us to meet the housing needs of a greater number of people than we currently do.

We are full of hope for where this new path will take us…

If you have any questions about the change please get in touch at info@oasisaquila.org or call us on 0191 477 3535

"We are really excited about welcoming the entire Aquila team to the Oasis family with open arms."

Joy Madeiros, CEO of Oasis Group


"We are delighted to be welcoming No 3 and the Croydon Foyer to our team. I know that the strength and depth of the Oasis partnership will make our work richer."

Nancy Doyle, CEO of Aquila Way

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